Handmade on Whidbey Island




What a great product! I knew instructions came with the pattern, but I had no idea they would be so clear and detailed. I highly recommend these patterns and will definitely buy another one.


All I can say is WOW! I sent Sarah a blue suede jacket from All Saints for her to embroider "forever & ever" and a bunch of flowers on for my wedding & it looks better than I could have ever imagined! I cannot wait to wear it on my wedding day!!! Thank you Sarah!!


This pattern was SO well written. It was jam-packed with useful information, but reading it still felt like getting casual advice from a friend. My first embroidery project turned out beautifully and I owe it all to HoffeIt & Hooper Co! Thank you 


This is my first time doing any embroidery at all, and the instructions were so clear and easy to follow. I like that this project is limited on the number of stitches used (there's four) so I can really practice and get comfortable with them. Thanks for making this kit -- it's so rewarding to be able to make this as a total beginner!


I love how easy these kits make it to learn embroidery! I've never even sewn a button onto a shirt (seriously), but so far all of my kits from this shop have turned out beyond well. I have a new favorite hobby thanks to Sarah and I hope more kits are added to the shop because I'm officially addicted <3


Once again, an amazingly beautiful piece of embroidery! I can't get over how consistently lovely these hoops are! They're the perfect wedding/engagement gift and every couple I've given these to has been so impressed. You guys rock!


This is by far the best Etsy purchase I have ever made. It makes me so ridiculously happy. Such bright colours and wonderful detail... and it will be both a wedding sign and a keepsake we can treasure always (and remind us of our wedding anniversary date, to boot!) Will definitely be making more purchases from this incredible shop.


My kit came quickly and it was beautifully put together! The .pdf instructions that were emailed are very clear and well written. I'm a beginner and was feeling a little overwhelmed, but this kit has made it easy and fun to start embroidering!


Just received my hoop in the mail and it's absolutely beautiful. So delicate and well done. Sarah was really wonderful through the whole process. Very quick to respond to all messages and was great in helping me decide what I wanted, and switching gears if a color didn't look right. I'm really excited to give this as a wedding gift. *Edit* I keep looking at it and saying "I love it" out loud...



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